In late January 2022, The Global Institute on Innovation Districts will formally launch the Global Network of Innovation Districts.

The Global Network of Innovation Districts will be a powerful pathway for districts to realize their economic and social potential. Shaped by rigorous analysis and thought leader insights, districts will work together to design new strategies and solutions that help them leapfrog ahead.

Unlike most networks, the Global Network will accelerate the growth of innovation districts—individually and collectively—through first-of-its-kind empirical analysis, peer learning, and technical support for implementing new strategies and initiatives in districts and their communities. Click here to read the prospectus on The Global Network.

Global Network of Innovation Districts

The Global Network will elevate its work and intentions building from two sets of structured engagements with districts to date:

  • The deep work with The Global Institute´s Steering Committee, which includes two Founding Partners and nine innovation districts across six countries. The Steering Committee financed extensive and novel research on the nine districts in an effort to better understand their complexity, sophistication, and distinctiveness.
  • The highly engaged work with an inaugural and interim network, which was developed in response to the global pandemic and a growing desire for districts to connect during this challenging and uncertain time.
Global Network of Innovation Districts