The Global Network of Innovation Districts: 2023 Expansion

A new program for district leaders to accelerate their districts’ development

In 2023, we welcomed a second group of districts into the Global Network. They join the network’s existing 23 districts—the ‘Global Network Pioneers’—to create an even more comprehensive set of districts around the world.  This expansion reflects: the growing phenomenon of innovation districts; their ambition to connect with others; and their desire to receive strategic support from The Global Institute.

The current exciting expansion builds on the overarching goals of the Global Network to:

  • Sharpen and strengthen the model of innovation districts.
  • Create a powerful collective of districts worldwide.
  • Position districts as 21st Century problem-solvers worthy of strategic investment and support.

This latest 2023 program includes tailored strategic support, the facilitation of new connections between districts, and access to new insights and intel uncovered by us. It also gives districts the opportunity to increase their recognition and visibility in the field. The current list of participating districts is:

New districts joining the Global Network.

  • 16 Tech Innovation District, Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • 195 District, Providence, RI (USA)
  • BioDistrict New Orleans, New Orleans, LA (USA)
  • Brampton Innovation District, Brampton, ON (Canada)
  • Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus, Washington D.C. (USA)
  • Distrito de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación (DCTI), Bogotá (Colombia)
  • Distrito de Innovación de Ñuble, Chillán (Chile)
  • Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct, Gold Coast (Australia)
  • Haifa Innovation District, Haifa (Israel)
  • Keystone Innovation District, Kansas City, MO (USA)
  • Klybeckplus, Basel (Switzerland)
  • Lot Fourteen, Adelaide (Australia)
  • Lund Innovation District, Lund (Sweden)
  • Malmö Startup District, Malmö (Sweden)
  • Nagaoka City Innovation District, Nagaoka (Japan)
  • Norfolk Innovation Corridor, Norfolk, VA (USA)
  • Oklahoma City Innovation District, Oklahoma City, OK (USA)
  • Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct, Randwick (Australia)
  • The Linq, Mansfield, TX (USA)
  • UNSW Launch, Canberra (Australia)
  • Utah Tech Innovation District, St. George, UT (USA)

These new districts will be expanding our Global Network to include up to 50 districts in total.

Key benefits

Participating district leaders will benefit from a flexible, 12-month online learning program. Depending on individual district support needs, districts can choose different levels of the following benefits:

Focused one-on-one strategic support to discuss their district’s top priorities and to create specific strategies for advancing their district. They will gain a stronger understanding of their district’s organizational structure and how it can be strengthened, allowing them to ‘organize for success’.

Connections with other districts. There will be large peer sessions to learn from innovative practice and to gain insights from a comprehensive set of strategies that are essential for district advancement. Additionally, smaller peer groups will focus on advancing specific priorities in a deeper way.

Essential resources to help guide innovation district leaders in their decision-making process. These include detailed strategies and insights from The Global Institute, as well as examples of innovative practice by leading district practitioners in the field.

Increased visibility and recognition of the district as participant of the first of its kind global community of experts. Districts will be able to feature the GIID Global Network logo on their website and their partipations will be recognized through a range of materials.

“Joining forces with The Global Institute marks a truly historic moment for our hospital. At Children’s National, we recognize the need for swift action and transformative change to advance our innovation ecosystem. Collaborating with the Global Network is an integral part of this work as we eagerly seek the guidance in effectively sequencing the steps ahead.”

“The one-on-one strategy session with The Global Institute has given us a perspective that we hadn’t fully appreciated. It was a particularly energizing experience for our team. GIID’s external perspective and extensive expertise bring a different and valuable way of looking at challenges. In terms of value for money, it’s absolutely worth it.”

Program overview

The new learning program will cover the most critical topics in innovation district development, including but not limited to:

  • Overview of the innovation district model: Comprehensive set of strategies essential to advance districts, along with a deeper focus on how districts are organizing for success;
  • Governance and defining an innovation district’s boundary: Organized leadership to make collective decisions on how to grow, including how to define a district’s boundary. Some of the common concerns pertaining to boundary size and inclusion of specific assets will be discussed;
  • Governance and finance: Creating the mix of public, private, philanthropic, and other finance streams needed to advance your district;
  • Unique specializations: Leveraging the unique R&D strengths of innovation districts to advance their competitiveness and draw new investment;
  • Unique specializations and industry attraction: Developing an informed, proactive attraction strategy which capitalizes on your district’s unique competitive advantages; and
  • Quality of place: Harnessing place as a powerful way to connect diversities of people, organizations and activities, and attract industry and investment.

Call for Applications for the Global Network of Innovation Districts

The program is open to innovation district leaders from around the world. To learn about participating in future cohorts, please fill out the form below, the Network Team will follow up with you to learn more about your work and share information about joining the global movement.

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