By conservative estimates, there are now more than a hundred innovation districts emerging across the globe. Geographically, economically, and culturally diverse, these districts are financed by sources ranging from venture capital to tax revenues. Even so, there is little data about how to target investment to accelerate their growth and advancement.

Despite the priority to attract, retain, and nurture the best talent, many struggle to do so. Likewise, while few argue with the priority to include city as well as regional residents in their growth, strategies for creating shared value and broad economic and social benefits remain elusive.


Innovation districts are discrete, walkable areas where anchor institutions, firms, labs, and other actors collaborate as a collective to increase their competitive potential. This shared commitment to “collaborate to compete” is one of the defining characteristics of innovation districts that The Global Institute on Innovation Districts will support and advance.

The Global Institute on Innovation Districts has been established to address these and other challenges.