Upcoming Research

Over the next year, The Global Institute on Innovation Districts will be undertaking deep empirical research on 10-15 leading innovation districts globally.

This research will include:

  • Establishing a new set of metrics that helps better define, understand, and quantify the progress and success of these complex geographies of innovation.
  • Conducting both quantitative and qualitative research on these districts to assess their strengths and weaknesses and where they are cutting-edge leaders in research and innovation.
  • Setting new standards and a new definition of an innovation district.
  • Writing and distributing a new research paper on the rise of innovation districts that more clearly defines their characteristics, strengths, and where they—as a collective—need greater support to advance.

This work will be developed with the help and support of up to 15 innovation districts, which will serve on the Steering Committee and the generous time and support by Accenture and UIIN.