Upcoming Research

In 2022, The Global Institute has brought together over 20 districts to establish a cutting-edge and practice-led Global Network of Innovation Districts. This network will work together to support the growth and advancement of districts by:

  • Undertaking robust empirical analysis: The multi-disciplinary team at The Global Institute will undertake deep analysis of each district’s R&D strengths, their baseline conditions and physical development and future form, and evaluate their advantages within the region.
  • Convening peer-learning sessions: The network will participate in tailored peer-to-peer learning sessions, receiving strategic guidance from The Global Institute and its cadre of Strategic Advisors..
  • Advancing the practice: Drawing on insights from both empirical work and peer sessions, districts will work to advance specific strategies critical to supporting their evolution and growth. Their work, and the work of the Network peers, will help “advance the practice” of innovation districts.

Powerfully, the cumulative work across districts will allow The Global Institute to codify and scale insights about this emerging, but rapidly evolving model—positioning districts as a unique sub-metropolitan/sub-urban geography worthy of investment. The collective efforts will generate new arguments for why districts are a strategic approach for building a more competitive, sustainable and inclusive economy.

The initiative builds on earlier work by The Global Institute, which conducted deep empirical research in 2020 on nine innovation districts—the GIID Steering Committee.

Generous support to advance independent research and the Global Network is provided by our Founding Partners: Lendlease, a global property and infrastructure group and Ventas, a real estate investment trust.